About us

We offer comprehensive transport and removal services with delivery vehicles with a payload of 1.5T. Whether you need to transport your cargo within Slovakia or abroad, our NONSTOP transport service is available to you all days of the week at the same and unbeatably lowest prices!

   Domestic transport (experience with deliveries and removals within the Slovak Republic)
   International transport and migration
   24/7 Rental of trucks and "C" brands
   Specializing in Austria, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Belgium

Truck Rental

We provide rental of deliveries with the possibility of delivery of the vehicle to a pre-agreed place throughout the Slovak Republic. Our deliveries are regularly serviced and in excellent condition.

Rental of "C" brands

Possibility to borrow for any number of days. Of course there is also valid statutory insurance and Slovak highway stamp.


We move houses, flats or non-residential premises - offices, companies, offices - high-quality, fast and cost-effective! Moving also on Saturday and Sunday at no extra charge.

Removal flats, houses
Removal furniture, transport of furniture
Removal offices
Removal of archives and warehouses
International removal express transportation
Delivery of goods from shopping centers
Imports of furniture with delivery
Disposal of old furniture
Material import during construction work ....

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Pracovná ponuka

Šofér sk.C - na denné rozvozy - platové podmienky od 900€- 1100€ - nástup možný ihneď

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